A visitor‘s ticket

When you visit a secured territory buy a state park visitor ticket!

Where to buy visitors ticket?

-In Kurtuvėnai regional park direction or visitors centre (Parko st. 2, Kurtuvėnai, Šiauliai region.);

-In the live museum of a  horse (Žvejų st. 2, Kurtuvėnai, Šiauliai region.);

-Buy with a short message (SMS), sending with a number 1860 message text, writing an acronym of regional park – KURP. The price -1,35 EUR (a visitors ticket for 5 days 1 EUR and 0,35 EUR service fee).

-‘’Tiketa’’ (http://www.tiketa.lt/LT/parko_leidimai ) in internet ticket distribution system;

- ‘’Perlo’’ (https://www.perlopaslaugos.lt/privatiems/prie-terminalo/turisto-pasas/ ) terminals.

How much does it cost?

– 1 € – one-time ticket for visiting one park (it is valid for 5 days);

– 5 € - a one month ticket for visiting a state park;

– 10 € – an all (4 national and 28 regional) state park one month ticket;

– 20 € – annual all mentioned state park visitors ticket;

– 25 € – one year all mentioned state park family visitors ticket.

Buy it in distributing places annual or family visitors ticket and receive a bracelet as a gift ‘’I support secured territories’’ with a USB flash drive, where there are recorded excursions, educations and nature trips of national and regional parks. You can also participate FOR FREE.

For more information inquire in national and regional park directions.

Why should I buy it?

Funds received for a visitors ticket is the main financial source for visiting objects in Kurtuvėnai regional park, landscape cultural and nature values, outdoor informational systems, acquintance roads, respite locations, camping establishment and constant maintenance. There isn‘t enough of budget funds for these works.

All gathered funds for visitors tickets will be used for Kurtuvėnai regional park management so that your visiting experience would be pleasant, meaningful and friendly for nature and cultural heritage values.

Thank you for your support.