Nature observation

What is the best to observe?

Conditions were made for the Kurtuvėnai regional park visitors to observe the nature. In the park territory there are alot of places, from which there is a possibility to enjoy the landscape, biological variety, it is comfortable to analyse flora and fauna. To observe the water birds near Durpynė pond a special tower is established.

Places to get acquinted with landscape values:

Pageluvis lake;

Lake Rauda valley;

Vainagiai hollow;

Svilė springs;

Long icy terace, ground dunes;

Girnikai hill;

Raudsparnė moren hill;

Paraudžiai erosion hill;

Long-follow land hollow;

Vijurkai raguville, Dubysa highlake valley;

Targiai oz;

Vainagiai moren mountain ridge;

Field thermo dig pits.

Places to get acquinted with plants and their communities:

Juodlė acquintance road - forest, swamps communities;

Šona and Rauda landscape reserves – the communities of forest river valleys;

Vijurkai geomorphology reserve – Dubysa river valley pouring grasslandplant communities.

Places to observe the birds:

Kurtuvėnai fishing ponds;

Juodlė lake;

Special places to get acquinted with the animals:

Kurtuvėnai manor park – bats;

Forest of Vainagiai and Paraudžiai – mammals;

Venta-Dubysa canal – water animals;

Juodlė lake – water animals.