Tavern “Cross-road“

P.Višinskio st. 18, Kurtuvėnai, LT-80019 Šiauliai reg.      
Works everyday from 11.00 till 22.00.
Tel. (8 674) 01316 , email. smuklekryzkele@takas.lt,

Two historical roads cross in Kurtuvėnai city: one lead from Šiauliai to Samogitia deeperness and other connected Vilnius with Riga. Already in the beginning of XIX c. In the crossroad two stone structures were standing with an isolated yard, in which were cellars of Russian empire army. The structure finding is linked with 1825 started Venta-Dubysa canal construction. Vindava or Žemaičiai canal was built by russian soldiers, gamekeepers crowd headquarters were established in Kurtuvėnai, brick factory was opened. However when uprising started in 1831, canal contruction was declined.

The russian army legacy Kurtuvėnai landlords adjusted to kumetynai. Today there are people living in one structure, in other functions tavern “Crossroad“. Old bulk carriers remain, brick road.

Traditional lithuanian kitchen dominates in a tavern, however ordering early there is posibility to taste dishes, made according to the old recepies of the region: ham marinated in a beer with honey, apples made with carp and samogitia dish made of beaten cream. For the table of Kurtuvėnai manor respresents not filtrated, not pasterized, half dark “Kurtuvėnai barn beer“, which is well hnown for its original taste and solid spume.